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premiumSection Workspace: Schoolwires

online training

Experience the new functionality of the Section Workspace. Now you will be able to Design Your Own pages and Drag and Drop the order of your hierarchy. Great for all editors of your website from teachers to departmental and central office staff. Learn about the enhancements made to the Section Workspace. Available both LIVE and On-demand.


arrowPATHWAY: Site Admin
arrowAUDIENCE: All
arrowLENGTH: 27m 51s

premiumSchoolwires Editor: Schoolwires
online training

Enhance your web presence through the new functionality available when editing your website. Learn about the improved WYSIWYG Editor that is used throughout Schoolwires


arrowPATHWAY: Teacher
arrowAUDIENCE: All
arrowLENGTH: 28m 38s