Badillo Elementary School

Panther Pride

Panther Pride

Welcome to Mrs. Ligon's Class

Welcome to a wonderful year of fun and learning in fourth grade!  I am excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Fourth grade is a transitional year for the students. It is the first year of "Upper Grade" and a year that students begin to prepare for the expectations that will follow after elementary school.  Students will find that they need to be more responsible, organized, accountable, and independent with their classwork, homework, and behavior.  I look forward to a year of growth and enjoyable activities.

Week At A Glance

Week of June 5-August 11



 Incoming 4th graders should be working on MEMORIZING their multiplication facts to 12. 
 READ, READ, READ!  Come with a list of books to take an AR Test on in August.
4th GRADE SUPPLY LIST - bring supplies to school THURSDAY, AUGUST 17: 
Small Pencil Box-approx. 4" X 8" (box not bag)
These items should come in the pencil box:
* several sharpened #2 pencils - NOT mechanical pencils 
* pink eraser
* scissors - kid's size
* glue stick
* 3 RED pens for correcting (not marker pens)
* YELLOW and PINK Highlighters - Sharpie fine-tip
* Box of 24 crayons or Twistable Crayons
3-Ring Binder - 1/2 inch
* inside binder 3-hole college-ruled notebook paper 
* Backpack - NO WHEELS; needed daily; needs to be able to hang on student's chair
* Small Dictionary
* 4 single-subject Spiral Notebooks labeled:
   BLUE Language Arts; RED Math; PURPLE Social Studies; GREEN Science
* 4 2-Pocket Folders labeled: Language Arts; Math; Writing; Finished Work
* 12-inch ruler - not bendable 
* Headphones - NEEDED DAILY; need to stay at school 
Classroom Supplies:
* 2+ reams of copy paper 
* 3+ boxes of Kleenex
* Hand Sanitizer (with a pump) 
What do you need to do to be prepared for 4th grade?
* Know the Multiplication Facts by memory
   If you do not know the multiplication facts 4th grade Math will be very difficult for you.  EVERY chapter in the 4th grade Math book includes the use of Multiplication facts.  Multiplication Facts are not taught in 4th grade, you are expected to come into 4th Grade already having them memorized.   
* READ every day - keep a list of the books you read so you can take an AR Test when you return in August
* Practice what was hard for you in 3rd grade. 

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