Badillo Elementary School

Panther Pride

Panther Pride

Welcome to Mrs. Ligon's Class

Welcome to a wonderful year of fun and learning in fourth grade!  I am excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Fourth grade is a transitional year for the students. It is the first year of "Upper Grade" and a year that students begin to prepare for the expectations that will follow after elementary school.  Students will find that they need to be more responsible, organized, accountable, and independent with their classwork, homework, and behavior.  I look forward to a year of growth and enjoyable activities.

Week At A Glance

Week of March 20-24

Language Arts: story: "Confronting Challenges"  Essential Question: How do we overcome obstacles?

Spelling Words: barely, clockwise, disdainfully, peacefully, sideways, speedily, counterclockwise, wildly, quickly, slowly, sleepily, always, easily, scarcely, exactly, happily, finally, comfortably, boldly, simply  

Vocabulary Words: deceive, attracted, contemptuously, resolved

There will be a Spelling Test and Reading Test every Friday.

Math: Chapter 8 "Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers"  Students need to have their multiplication facts to 12 MEMORIZED to be successful with this chapter.

Students should continue working on memorizing their multiplication facts to 12.  This week students will test on division by 9

Social Studies: Chapter 11 "The Golden State."  Students brought home a STUDY GUIDE Friday.  Students will take a TEST on Chapter 11 Friday. 

Our 4th grade Field Trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission is Tuesday.  Students brought home a reminder/instruction paper Friday.  The 8 parents that are going on the field trip with us should be at the classroom by 8:10.  Parents need to park on the street. 
When a student does not pass a Chapter Test with a grade of at least 70% they receive a green "Parent Letter" stapled to their test for their parent to sign.  If your child gets a green "Parent Letter" please fill out the bottom portion and return it the next school day.

We have been having far too many TARDIES.  Please be sure your child is lined up at 7:55 with the rest of the class.  It is very disruptive when students come in late after the rest of the class has already started correcting their homework.  

AR Reading Goal: Students AR Reading goal for the third trimester is 35 points with 85% accuracy.  Students should have 90 points with 85% accuracy at the end of the third trimester.

Reading Logs: Please sign your child's READING LOG every day.  Students must read 30 minutes each night Monday-Sunday.  Reading Logs are due the last Friday of the month.  March Reading Logs are due Friday, March 31.

Students brought home their log in information for the GO-Math, Benchmark Reading and I-ready.  They can access these programs from a home computer.

Please be sure to sign your child's AGENDA every day and sign it after you have checked their homework for completion.

If your child receives a "MISSING HOMEWORK" Parent letter it needs to be returned the next day with both a parent and student signature.


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