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Welcome To Second Grade with Mrs. Montes

Mrs. Montes dressed as a firefighter!
Message to Parents
  Next week we will be busy!  Besides getting ready for Open House, students have Spring Picture Day, Jog-a-thon, a Minimum Day, and their field trip to Jurupa Discovery Center.  Please read the bottom of their Homework Packet for important detailed information!
 Parent/Grandparent Interview
Your child's interview is due Friday, March 17.  They can either ask the questions about themselves or address the question so that it's about the person being interviewed.  If possible, please send me a photo of the person who was interviewed.  My email is dmontes@cousd.net.  You can also print out the picture with your copier.  It doesn't have to be in color.  In class, students will create an essay using the information they gathered from the Interview. You can see the end result on Open House!
UPDATE:  9 students did not turn in their Interview!  I didn't give a 1/2 sheet on Monday and Thursday so that it could get done.  Please turn it in by Monday, March 20.
Dinosaur Projects!
The most important thing to remember is that your child needs to be the main contributor of the project.  Mom and dad shouldn't be doing all of the work while Tommy is playing video games in his room.  Encourage your child to think, imagine, create, and contribute to the dinosaur being built.  Also, have your child carefully read and follow the grading rubric.  It would be a shame to lose points for silly mistakes.
 Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Math
On Thursday, March 16, I attached two papers to your child's Behavior Report.  The first is a list of all the Accelerated Reader books your child read and tested on during the 2nd trimester.  Just to give you an idea, the lowest was a student who read less than 10 books.  The highest was a student who read over 60 books.  The second paper deals with Accelerated Math.  It gives you an idea of how many objectives your child has mastered.  There are a total of 90 objectives.  Your child can work on Accelerated Math by logging on through Home Connect.  I already taught the students how to do this but they can ask for help if they've forgotten.   The username and password is the same as it is for Renaissance Place.
We are almost done with Chapter 7.  This test will be on counting money and telling time.  Whenever possible, encourage your child to count spare change and to read the time from an analog clock.  
Some reminders for students:
Half past, means 30 minutes after.  A quarter after, means 15 minutes after.
Students should also know the difference between A.M. and P.M. 
 Parents, please make sure to take your children to Pizza Hut so their coupons can be redeemed!
 These are the students who met their goals for the following months:
Jasat, Andrew, Alexandra, Kaela, Abigail, Victor, Landon, Jonathan, Jaeleen, Jessica, Joshua, Jasmine
Nicholas A., Andrew, Alexandra, Kaela, Victor, Joel, Noah
Nicholas A., Andrew, Jackie, Alexandra, Victor, Landon, Jonathan, Jessica, Jasmine, Noah
Jasmine, Abby, Joel, Jonathan, Monica, Damian, Chanel, Allen, Jayden, Payton, Ryder, Jackie, Noah, Alexandra, Kaela, Jasat, Joshua, Landon, Andrew, Jessica, Victor 
 Jasat, Nicholas A., Damian, Andrew, Jackie, Alexandra, Kaela, Victor, Joel, Jonathan, Monica, Dawson, Chanel, Payton, Jessica, Joshua, Jasmine
Students have been working on meeting their goal of 45 minutes per week on I-Ready! 
The more practice, the better their skills will become. 
The following students have done I-Ready for at least 45 minutes.  The number indicates how many weeks they have met the goal!  Congratulations!

 Victor, Landon
Nicholas A., Joel
Riley, Jasmine, Jonathan
Jackie, Abby
Ryder, Jasat, Alexandra
Payton, Allen, Jayden
Monica, Andrew, Jessica, Nicolas T.S., Joshua
Noah, Damian


bulletin board

   Now that our class is 1:1 with Chromebooks, it is important that every student has a pair of headphones because the school does not supply headphones with each Chromebook.  We still have a few students that do not have a pair and many of the headphones I purchased are no longer working.   If possible, please send a pair of headphones/earbuds to school with your child.   Place them in a bag with their name and I will keep them in a safe place until they are needed.  Donations of headphones would also be greatly appreciated.
The sixth grade team usually sells popsicles for $1.00 after school on Wednesdays. They set up a table on the north side of the cafeteria.

Wish List

Small Water Bottles
Bags of Potting Soil
Clorox Wipes
Decorations for Garden (Dollar Tree, 99 cents store) 
Glue Sticks


 Week of March 20, 2017
Daily Homework - Due the next morning! 

1/2  Sheet

Students will receive a daily 1/2 sheet that will have a Language Arts activity on one side and Math on the other. This 1/2 sheet will be given out on a daily basis. It is due the following morning so that answers can be reviewed in class.

Math Workbook Page

Please keep an eye out for a math workbook page that will be sent home whenever we have completed a math lesson. These sheets need to be completed and returned the following day. On the days when I am introducing a chapter or completing a chapter, students will not receive a math sheet, otherwise they will come on a daily basis.

Weekly Homework-Due on Friday!

Reading Fluency & Comprehension: Detailed directions are attached. 
Reading Log- Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a night.  Record the information on your log.  When you are finished with a book take an AR test at school.  An adult needs to sign the reading log.

Spelling Words - Study these words for Friday's test!

 children     feet     fish    lives     men     people     sheep     shelves     teeth     women
High-Frequency Words 
 against     certain     door     early     field     heard     knew     listen     morning     several
Vocabulary Words 
debris     pollution     unpredictable
Students are encouraged to do the following internet activities at home, especially to challenge those students that finish quickly.
Math Facts in a Flash
Accelerated Math
Reading Eggs
Google Classroom