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A3 Headline News


We are having a Valentine’s brunch next Tuesday morning. We will be eating waffles, sausage, with fruit and juice and water. The following is a link to sign up for party donations.  I will also have it on our website and I will send it out in Classdojo.




We still have 10 blankets left to prepare by February 14th.  Please help if you can.  There is a video on YouTube to show you how to do it if you don’t know the process.

If your child would like to participate in the Valentine card exchange, they should bring to school 27 Valentines.  They must sign their names on the cards and they may address them to their classmates. The important thing is that they bring in enough for everyone.  Children should also be making their own Valentine box that can be decorated however they choose.  Keep it fun!


A3 Students


D’Lanie                        Jacob A.                      Diego

Valentina                     Nickoles A.                  Kenadi

 Ashley                         Devin                        Dylan        

Brett                            Isabella                        Vicente

Jeremiah                     Julian                           Abby

Joel                              Zaylah                         Adam

Jordan                         Valerie                        Elizaheart

J.J.                               Nicholas U.                  Jacob V.

Guilanna                      Isaac                                    Book Buddy


Also coming home today is the information about our 2nd grade field trip.  Please return the permission slip and entrance fee as soon as you can.  Chaperones are welcome on the trip, but they must drive themselves and pay a $14 entrance fee.


PTA is still looking for members.  Second grade is only at 48% of parents joining.  Please consider helping us get our number up.


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