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      February G-4 Newsletter


This month we will be celebrate Lincoln’s birthday on Monday the 13th, and Washington ’s Birthday on Monday the 20th.  No school! We will also be having a minimum day for students on Thursday the 18th. Students will be getting out of school at 11:20. 

 We will be having a small Valentine exchange on Tuesday, Feb. 14th after lunch.   This is a voluntary activity, but if you bring cards, please bring cards for everyone in the class.  There are 35 students. Here is the list of students in H-3:  

Ariel, Raylene, Giselle, Jeremiah, John, Zachari, Briley, Alex, Leah, Douglas, David, Ashely, James, Jayden, Geovanni, Isabella, Colin, Emmanuel, Angelina, Milla, Lilian, Izabella, Audrey, Oscar, Logan, Frank, Savannah, Lana, Alejandra, Mathieu, Canaan, Landon, Javier, Avery, Priscilla

Business Day will be held on the same day, February 14th at 10:30.  Please remember if you plan to attend our business day, you will need to first check in the office and get a visitor’s pass.

On Thursday, the 16th, we will have a minimum day for students with a release time of 11:20. This is also our celebration of our annual Founder’s Day. This is to commemorate the founding of PTA. Special presentations and recognitions will take place immediately following the PTA meeting. This event begins at 5:45 in our cafeteria.

The second trimester of school will end the 24th of the month. 

Finally, another reminder that all Sacramento payments are due the 10th of this month.  Payments need to be made directly to Cedargrove ABS. 

Any questions, please ask!   

  Warmly, Mrs. Elias


 Homework for 1/30-2/3
1. Read 30 minutes and fill out reading log.
2. Holiday!
4. Math pg.
1. Read 30 minutes and fill out reading log.
2. Comprehension pg. 66-67
3. Math pg. P147-148
4. Spelling words 3 times each
1. Read 30 minutes and fill out reading log.
2. Spelling Sentences
3. Math pg.P149-150
4.Comprehension pg. 70-71
1. Read 30 minutes and fill out reading log.
2. Math pg. P151-152
3.  Take a spelling test
Reading Log due Friday!
Spelling Words- Unit 5 Week 3
1. curb
2. first
3. meters
4. percent
5. quarter
6. surrounding
7. thirds
8. thirteen


Book Jacket Report

Due: Friday, March 3, 2017

        For your next book report, you will create a book jacket that tells about the book you have chosen to read. The book must be an appropriate level chapter book with at least 100 pages.  The name of your book is required in a week’s time.


o   Cover/Panel: Design a cover for your book jacket that includes the title of the book, the author’s name, and your name.  Include a related illustration. (Does not have to be the illustration that is on the book. You can make up your own.)

o   Write a Summary page:  Write a complete summary of the book using the worksheet included. This is to assist you in writing the summary portion of the book report.  You should have the opening, conflict, and the resolution.  This is to be turned in with your Book Jacket. 

o   Inside Left/Panel:  Copy the complete summary of your story.

o   Inside Right/Panel: Choose the main problem in your story, and draw a picture that illustrates it.  Under the picture, write a complete sentence describing the problem.  Then, draw a picture of the solution to this problem and write a complete sentence describing the solution.  The pictures should be creative, colorful and carefully drawn.

o   Back Cover/Panel: Write your own book reviews for your book.  Make up fake book review comments depicting how you felt about the story. See examples.

o   Spine: Write the title and author of your book.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Jennifer Elias

Phone: 626-966-8675

Email: Jelias@cousd.net

Degrees and Certifications:

BS University of Cal Poly Pomona, Teaching Credential Cal Poly Pomona, MA Concordia Irvine

Mrs. Jennifer Elias

We are ready to begin our exciting journey through 4th grade!