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    Principal: Beverly Gonzalez

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    Welcome to Washington Elementary School! We are happy that you are part of the Bulldog Family.  Washington Elementary School is committed to providing exemplary education by focusing on College and Career Readiness Skills and the 21st Century Literacies: Communication (Reading, Writing, and Speaking with a purpose), Digital (Prepared to interface in today's digital world), Math and Science (Managing, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, creating, and solving real-world problems and explorations), and Cultural Literacy (Ability to work well within today's multi-cultural world). It is our goal to provide a physically, emotionally, and socially safe enviornment to allow every member of the Washington Bulldog Family to be the absolute best version of themselves.
    W.E. are Washington Elementary!
    Learning with PURPOSE!


School Hours

  • Kindergarten  8:10- 1:30

    First- 3rd grade  8:10am- 2:15pm

    4th- 6th grade  8:00am- 2:20pm

    Wednesday  1:30 Dismissal ALL STUDENTS 

Bulldog BARK Newsletter


    November 6, 2017


    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    I love this sweater and jacket weather! 

    This week, we have a Minimum Day on Thursday (yes, again), and to celebrate Veterans’  Day, there will be no school on Friday.

    I have a special invitation for all Washington parents:  We would like to invite you to our first Thankful for Our Parents Party on November 16 at 1:30 pm.  We want to spend a few minutes sharing our appreciation for you.  I hope you can join us before student dismissal next week.  

    Please note: On minimum days, the dismissal times are reversed for our students.  This means that students in grades 4th- 6th are dismissed first at 11:20, and TK- 3rd grades are dismissed ten minutes later at 11:30.  To avoid traffic back-up, please do not come into the parking lot until after 11:30 if you are picking up a TK- 3rd grade student.  This will alleviate a lot of minimum day congestion.  I really appreciate you doing this.

    Our character trait this month is Organization.  Teachers will be choosing a student from their class who embodies this trait to be acknowledged at our Flag Ceremony on the last Wednesday of the month.

    Our grade levels have chosen to donate to charities during this season.  Please be on the lookout for information that will be coming home about the items that can be donated.  Thank you in advance for your generous giving.

    Remember, Mrs. Gilkinson hosts our Family Literacy Night every Thursday from 4:30-6:30 pm, where students can check out books, take A.R. tests, and go on i-Ready.  All family members are encouraged and welcome to attend.

    Beginning very soon, our school will undergo some exterior renovations and will be repainted.  This will mostly occur at night, on weekends, and during Thanksgiving and Winter Break.  It will look beautiful when finished by the time we return in January! 

    Thank you all for rating us on GreatSchools.org.  Because of your efforts, Washington came out on top for the District challenge.  We are humbled and thankful that our parents overwhelmingly recognize us as a 5-Star school.  Please accept my gratitude on behalf of all Washington staff.


    Beverly Gonzalez




    October 30, 2017


    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents!

    What a great Carnival!  A big thank you to the efforts of our PTA, all of you generous parents who helped and donated, and for the awesome student and family participation.  I took lots of pictures of your children in their costumes; they were very funny, beautiful, creative, and scary.

    Important!: There are  minimum days this week and next week, both on Thursday, (not Tuesday!)  That means that the older students are dismissed first at 11:20 and the TK-3rd students are dismissed at 11:30.  I recommend that you don’t come early if you have a younger student so that you don’t have to wait long as the older students will be loading first.

    Also, next week (not this week), Friday, the 10th of November, is a school holiday.  There is no school due to Veteran’s Day.

    Before I forget, I want to remind you that we set our clocks back an hour Sunday morning, November 5.  This is the one day a year that you get to sleep in an extra hour.  Enjoy!

    Please note our new banners in the parking lot expressing our Washington mission and vision.  

    This Bulldog BARK! is short and sweet.

    I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

    I appreciate you all.



    Beverly Gonzalez


    Education with Purpose!




    October 23, 2017


    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    This week is Red Ribbon Week.  Each day, we encourage students to get in the spirit of Your Future is Key…Be Drug Free by wearing the following:

    Monday Patriotic Day Wear red, white, and blue

    Tuesday Crazy Sock Day

    Wednesday Spirit Day: Wear Red or wear your Washington t-shirt

    Thursday Crazy Hair Day

    Friday Backwards Day  Wear an item of your clothes backwards

    Our big PTA Family Halloween Carnival is this Friday from 3:00-5:00!  Students can go trick-or-treating at classrooms from 3:00-3:30, and visit lots of fun booths after, but a parent must accompany their children and stay with them the entire time.  Do not just drop off your children, please. Also, students must be picked up at dismissal and cannot wait on campus for the Carnival to begin because there will be no supervision.   Costumes are optional, but please, no masks, no blood, no weapons, or scary costumes.  Thank you for donating candy for this event and volunteering your time to help out.  We appreciate it!

    Please do not send your children to school wearing a costume on Friday or on Halloween.  Also, we ask that you do not send Halloween candy with your child for lunch or snack.

    Thank you for sponsoring your children in the Fun Run.  This money goes directly back to events for your children!

    Thank you so much for dropping off and picking up your children as far down the parking lot as possible.  This is making a big difference in our traffic flow!

    We are doing great this year in reaching toward our goal of reading 250 million words!  Please note that I am posting the names of all students who moved up an AR level that past week on the office window, as well as those students who have read a million or more words.  At the end of the school year, any student who has read a million words or more will receive a reading trophy.  Also, any student who reaches Honors level will go off campus for a Principal lunch in May.

    Students can take AR tests and go on i-Ready every Thursday from 4:30-6:30 at our Family Literacy Nights in our library/computer lab.  The whole family is encouraged to attend.

    We are moving our Flag Ceremony to Thursday this week because we will have a special guest demonstration for Red Ribbon Week from the Glendora Police Department.

    Take care!  I appreciate all of you!


    Beverly Gonzalez



    October 16, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    This was a busy week!  

    On Monday, our Leadership students, who are all of our 5th and 6th graders, wore their new Leadership shirts at an assembly to listen to Dr. Hendricks speak about leadership in his role as Superintendent of Charter Oak Unified.  This is the first monthly guest speaker who will speak about leadership in their field of work.

    On Wednesday, all grade level teachers met with me to look at data to make intervention plans so that students who need extra help to make adequate growth, will be getting additional assistance at different times during the year.

    Friday was our PTA Candy Land Fun Run fundraiser.  The PTA set up an excellent Candy Land running course, complete with figurines, bubbles, and water to make the event even more entertaining.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to donate yet, you can send a check made payable to Washington School PTA or donate online at https://99pledges.com/fund\washbulldogs .  Please note that the last slash is a forward slash.  Thanks so much for supporting Washington PTA.  This event funds many future activities for all students.

    Accelerated Reader…  We are doing tremendously well, but to encourage the students to keep up the pace to meet our school goal of 250 million words read during the year, I just added some reading acknowledgements and incentives.  Besides receiving their certificates during the week, I am posting the names of all of the students who moved up a level during the week, as well as the names of our million-plus word readers, on the office window each week.  Also, every student who reads over a million words between August 17 and May 10, will receive a trophy at the end of May.  At each million words read, the trophy will be larger.  

    This Thursday, at 10:19 am, the District will be participating in a practice earthquake drill called “The Great American Shake-Out”.  Many places in the country will be practicing this drill at the same time.

    There is still time to help Washington Elementary School in the district challenge by rating our terrific school at GreatSchools.org.   They just extended the challenge for another week and a half.  A great big thank you to those of you who have taken the time to rate us, and if you haven’t yet had the opportunity, please help us let everyone know about our wonderful school.  

    I invite you to visit GreatSchools.org.  You can click on the review icon on the right side of the website to rate us, and you may also choose to write a comment about your children’s experience at WES.  We all deeply appreciate your participation.

    Remember: Every Student, In School, Every Day!

    Thanks again and again for being tremendous parents!


    Beverly Gonzalez





    October 9, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    Thank you for attending your Parent Conferences; it makes a difference when we all work as a team.

    Thank you also for taking the time to rate Washington Elementary on GreatSchools.org.  Your comments mean so much to all of us.  We are moving forward by focusing on providing your children the highest quality education possible. 

    Your fundraising efforts to support your children at the Fun Run this Friday are very much appreciated.  The more that we can raise for this event, the more PTA can give back to our students.

    Please note that our Halloween Carnival will be on October 27 after school from 3:00-5:00.  There will be lots of fun activities and candy!

    You may have noticed that I am waving cars down toward the end of the drop-off area in front of the school to keep traffic moving faster and more smoothly.  It appears to be helping.  Thanks for moving as far forward as possible to drop off and pick up your children.  Remember, if you are going to exit your car, you must park in a parking spot and not leave your car unattended in the drop-off/pick-up lane. Thanks!

    Leadership is up and going at Washington!  Every 5th and 6th grade student meets with their Little Buddies on Friday morning to help with spelling words, math, reading, or whatever the teacher sees as a need.  As of today, all Leadership students will have received their LEADERSHIP t-shirt to wear every Friday.  Today, all Leadership students will hear a message from Dr. Hendricks about leadership in a school district.

    The after school Sylvan Engineering class begins on October 17.  The cost is $60 for the six sessions and is open for 1st-6th game students.  There are flyers in the office.

    Once again, we encourage you to make sure your children are at school, on time, every day.

    I appreciate all that you do to help make Washington School the area destination school!


    Beverly Gonzalez


    Education with PURPOSE!


    October 2, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    We have entered the autumn season… my personal favorite!

    I want to thank you on behalf of our teachers, students, and myself for taking the time to rate Washington Elementary on GreatSchools.org.  We are now a 5 Star School!  The district challenge is still on, so if you haven’t had a chance to help us get the message out about our great school, there is still time.  Your efforts to support the school are deeply appreciated by everyone here at Washington.

    I would like to make a request… in the morning, it would be wonderful if your children had everything ready to exit your car before you enter the parking lot.  That way, the parking lot won’t be backed up waiting for students to organize their belongings while the car is stopped in the parking lot.  Also, another idea would be to have your child exit your car farther down, closer to the office.  This will allow cars to move more quickly behind you.  We are continuing to work with Glendora Police to create a better flow, and we thank you for your patience as we work through the logistics of this configuration.

    Washington had another strong showing at the Glendora 6th-12th grade Battle of the Books Competition last week.  Our team consisted of: Abbi Flores, Victoria Gonzalez, Lavanya Lakhmani, Eric Martinez, Alexsandra Olazaba, and Robert Wylde.

    Beginning October 17, Sylvan Leaning will be offering Engineering Classes after school on Tuesdays for 1st-6th grade Washington students.  The cost is $60 for 6 sessions.  A flyer was sent home with the enrollment information.  Another after school opportunity is Rembrandt Art Classes.  Please check with the office for information and costs.

    It is Parent Conference Week, so please be aware of the change in the school schedule.  Tuesday and Friday are minimum days with 4-6th grade dismissal at 11:20 and TK-3rd dismissal at 11:30.  There will be no school on Thursday to allow teachers to schedule conferences throughout the day.

    It is Fun Run (Jog-a-thon) Fundraiser time.  The Fun Run will take place on Friday, October 13.  We ask that you, your friends, and relatives sponsor your child for this event.  The money goes right back to support your children with PTA-sponsored events.

    Last month, Mrs. Gilkinson’s and Mrs. Graves’ classes had the fewest absences.  Please make sure that your children come to school on time, every day!  Thanks,

    W.E. appreciate all that you do


    Beverly Gonzalez



    Parent Bulletin  9-25-2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    It is officially Autumn!  The air has become a bit more brisk and fresh, but this week, the weather report says we’ll see a little more warmth.

    You will find a W.E. are Washington Elementary! flyer in the red folders today that highlights many of our outstanding school attributes.  We thought you’d like to know what is going on throughout the school as a whole.  There is a current district competition to see which school adds the most Great School ratings, so we’d really appreciate you adding your comments about Washington’s strengths to the Great School website.  Look for the bright orange direction sheet in your child’s read folder.  Thank you so very much for your support!

    Tomorrow is Picture Day.  Let’s hope everyone smiles for their picture!

    The Kona Ice Truck will be here tomorrow afternoon, as well.

    Washington 6th graders are competing tomorrow night at Foothill Christian School on Baseline for the Glendora City Battle of the Books Competition at 6:00pm.  This is a 6th-12th grade competition, and Washington 6th graders have won the entire event several times.  Come root our readers on!  This is an arduous competition, but our 2017 students are up for it.

    This Friday, we will have the Jog-a-Thon Kickoff event.  Thank you in advance for supporting this school fundraiser.

    Parent Conferences will be held next week. Because of this, Tuesday and Friday will be minimum days, and there will be no school on Thursday.

    We are recognizing the classrooms that had the highest student attendance for the previous month.  In the lower grades, Mrs. Gilkinson’s students had the least percentage of absences, and Mrs. Graves’ class did the same in the upper grades.  It is important that your children come to school On Time, Every Day for two reasons: 1. Whenever your child misses school, they miss valuable classroom learning, and 2. School funding to provide our high-quality educational services is based on student attendance.

    Thank you for all that you do everyday to support our wonderful Washington students.

    We are a team, and I’m privileged to be working together with you and our fantastic staff to create the best educational experience possible for all of our students!


    Beverly Gonzalez


    Washington Elementary School

    Education with Purpose!






    September 18, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    We are officially one month into school, and it seems like learning has been going on in classrooms much longer.  You are so fortunate to have such experienced teachers here at Washington because they take their calling to teach your children at high levels very seriously.

    Last week, our Kindergarten, 1st grade, and one third grade class were able to take advantage of a free field trip to the LA County Fair.  Thanks to parent chaperones who were able to accompany these classes.  We also had a visit from the local fire department to show 2nd graders a fire engine and tie classroom learning to the real world.

    Last Thursday, our Famous Family Literacy Night hosted 48 adults and even more students. Come by and check it out.

    Thank you to everyone who donated to Deegan’s Challenge to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey victims.  Deegan Gutierrez was hoping to raise $100 to send to the Red Cross, but instead, Washington raised over $700!  Thanks, Deegan, for your great idea and giving heart.

    At the 5k and 1k run on Sunday at Charter Oak High School, Washington was represented by students, teachers, and family members.  Ace Harrison, one of our third graders, took 1st place in his age group, and his mom took 2nd place in her division.  Everyone looked like they were having fun.  Let’s work to have an even larger running/walking team there next year!

    5th and 6th grade Leadership with their Little Buddies begins this Friday.  Leadership students will learn how to ask questions and build rapport with someone new so that they will be prepared to meet their Buddies.  

    Our students are reading like crazy!  This week alone, 124 students received certificates, which means that they moved up to the next level of reading.

    Tomorrow is a minimum day. 4-6 grade students will be dismissed at 11:20am and TK-3 will be released at 11:30.  Thank you!


    Beverly Gonzalez



    September 11, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    Thank you all for attending our Meet the Teacher Night.  I know that many of you made plans for your Parent Conference while you were here.  If not, please be aware that our Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held October 3-6.  Conferences provide an important opportunity to speak with the teacher to gain a better understanding of your child’s progress so far.  I hope everyone makes it a priority to find a time that week for your Parent/Teacher Conference.

    Our students are reading up a storm!  Last week alone, 165 students earned a reading certificate that they’ll receive this week.  Thank you for encouraging your children to read.  

    Speaking of reading, Mrs. Gilkinson’s Famous Family Reading Night is up and running every Thursday afternoon from 4:30-6:30 where you can read with your children, and they can check out library books, and go on computers in the lab to take AR tests, as well as practice important skills with iReady reading and math.  Last week, we had 44 parents sign-in, and that did not include the many, many students that of course, were also present!  Stop by… it’s a free, relaxing, weekly family opportunity.

    You still have time to sign up for PTA.  The membership cost is $7.00, which goes toward assisting our students.  Jennifer Barnes, the PTA President drew one lower grade and one upper grade parent from the membership cards during the PTA meeting last Thursday evening for the monthly free parking space in the Staff Parking lot.  This month, the Parent Parking Lot recipients are: Maria Saldana from Mrs. Larson’s class, and Joseph Balam from Mrs. LaRoche’s class.  Congratulations!

    The Kona Ice Truck will be on campus at dismissal this coming Tuesday, September 12.

    There will be an EnglishLanguage Advisory Meeting this Friday, September 15, in the cafeteria from 8:30-9:15am.  Everyone is invited; however, the information will be geared towards parents of second language learners and will be translated into Spanish and Arabic.

    Parents of 4-6th grade students, please plan to enter the parking lot after 2:20 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The parking lot needs to be clear for 1st-3rd grade student dismissal at 2:15.  Thank you.  This will help with congestion.

    As a preview, October 19 will be a minimum day.

    If you are interested in serving on our School Site Council, please fill out the form that was sent home last week, or come into the school office as soon as possible.  Thanks!

    I love Washington School!



    Beverly Gonzalez





    September 5, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents!

    I hope you had a fantastic three-day weekend. It looks like we have weathered the worst of the heat, so we will be back to out regular schedule. September is known to be a hot month, so it is a good idea to send water bottles with your children to help keep them hydrated.

    The most important item this week is our Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday. Beginning at 5:30, our 4th-6th grade session will last until 6:00, followed by a PTA Meeting in the cafeteria until 6:15. The second session will be TK-3rd grade classes until 6:45. I hope you all can attend, and don’t forget to sign up for a PTA membership. Your $7.00 goes a long way to help our students.

    Mrs. Gilkinson is also beginning her famous Family Reading Night on Thursday at 4:30. I encourage you to stop by, find out what she has in store for you and your children, and sign up! It’s a great way to help your child with reading and computer literacy.

    We are off to a great start with AR reading! Already, our students have earned 173 certificates in just two weeks! That’s amazing. We are well on our way to reading 250 million words this year. Thank you for encouraging your children to read.

    We are now collecting boxtops. Please send them to school... they do make a difference.

    It is important to note that we do not provide student supervision until 7:50 am in the front quad. Some students are being dropped off much earlier, so be aware that they are not supervised. Also, breakfast does not open until 7:30.

    Deegan is a Washington 3rd grader who has a challenge for us all: donate a quarter per student to help the Hurricane Harvey victims, and if everyone does, we will be able to send more than $100 to the Red Cross. Please donate today, and thanks Deegan for your great idea and huge heart. Other schools in Charter Oak are taking on Deegan’s Challenge, as well!

    Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

    Bev Gonzalez Principal

    August 28, 2017

    Dear Wonderful Washington Parents,

    It’s going to be a hot week!  Don’t worry, there are district guidelines that will assure you that on hot days, your children will not be overheating.  You may want to send a water bottle to school with your child on very hot days.

    Thank you for attending the Meet, Greet, and Grab a Treat presentation on Wednesday.  I appreciate that you took the time to attend, and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet many of you.  I also want to thank you for your input as to what you like about Washington Elementary School.  The posters you made in your collaborative groups are staying up in the cafeteria for all to see, and for us to make sure we continue in the right direction.

     We all seem to be more accustomed to the new parking lot procedures, but I’d like to remind you that for their safety, students should not exit or enter your car unless you are in the lane closest to the school.  Also, please do not leave your car unattended except in the parking spaces.  If you are picking up 4th, 5th, or 6th grade students, we ask that you do not get into the pick up lanes until after 2:20 so that the 1st-3rd graders, who are dismissed at 2:15, can be picked up and the lane can move smoothly.  Thank you.

    The Kona Ice truck will be on campus at dismissal on Tuesday, August 29.  If your child is planning to purchase something, please consider coming a few minutes later so as to not back up traffic for those that are leaving right after school.

    It’s PTA membership time!  Please consider joining our PTA for $7.00 per member.  These funds go toward great activities that PTA provides for our students. I am amazed at all that our PTA does for WES… much more than any parent group at any other school where I’ve worked in the past.  

    New this year… each month, PTA will be choosing one lower grade and one upper grade parent name from the membership cards for each to receive a designated Parent of the Month Parking Space in the staff parking area.  That’s great!  Join PTA today! 

    Meet the Teacher Night is September 7, beginning with upper grade (4-6th) presentations at 5:30, followed by a 15 minute PTA meeting in the cafeteria, and then lower grade presentations from 6:15-6:45.  I hope to see all of you at this important event!  Please consider volunteering your time.

    Prior to the Meet the Teacher presentations, Mrs. Gilkinson will hold the first Family Literacy Night from 4:30-6:30.  You can come at 4:30 and then go to your child’s teacher’s class at the designated time.  This is a famous and fabulous program that you won’t want to miss!

    Remember, school will be closed next Monday for Labor Day!  Thank you for all of your support.  We are all a team, working together to make WES the best place possible for our students.

     Stay cool!

     Beverly Gonzalez



    August 21, 2017
    Hello Wonderful Washington Parents,
    We are off to a great start to the new school year!  As I visited the classrooms on Thursday and Friday, I saw happy, smiling faces as your children were enaged in learning the new class procedures.  I am enjoying getting to know our great Washington students!  
    Below are some items of importance:

    Eclipse Warning

    It is important that you do not look at the sun during the solar eclipse this morning. Your children will not go out to recess, but instead, they will learn about this rare occurence and watch the eclipse on a live feed.

    Parking Lot

    I want to thank all of you for working with us as we all learn a new drop-off and pick-up procedure. I am very happy with the results so far. Your children’s safety is our main concern!

    Meet the Principal Night

    I’d love to meet you all at the Meet, Greet, and Grab a Treat evening this Wednesday at 5:30. I will share about my background and vision for the school. I also want to hear from you about all of the great programs at Washington that you feel are important.

    Meet the Teacher Night

    Please plan to attend the Meet the Teacher Night on September 7th beginning at 5:30 pm. You will learn about the classroom rules, curriculum, and goals for this school year. You will also be able to attend a short PTA meeting to find out ways in which to volunteer your time and support our students.



    Parent Involvement

    Research shows that students have a much greater opportunity for success when teachers, students, and parents all work together. Please seriously consider joining PTA this year. Our PTA is very involved and supportive to the school’s goals. PTA offers many opportunities for parents to be involved in activities that promote and celebrate learning.

    Beginning in September, I will also offer monthly parent meetings where parents can experience many of the same learning experiences that your children have in their classrooms. These meetings will be informative and fun for all.

    In addition, one of the great programs that Washington Elementary is known for is our Family Literacy Nights for parents and students, every Thursday afternoon from 4:30-6:30. These classes are free and will begin on September 7.

    New Accelerated Reader Goal

    As you know, Washington Elementary School is known for amazing reading, and Accelerated Reader is a big part of our students’ success.

    Our goal this year is read 250,000,000 words. That’s right! 250 million words! Can we do it? Absolutely! Last year, our students read 221,000,000 words... so this is an attainable goal. Please encourage your children to read in the “just right” ZPD level.  Also, this year, we are adding AR certificates that your children will receive as they move through the reading levels. Please celebrate these accomplishments when your child brings AR certificates home.

    Beverly Gonzalez
    August 4, 2017
    Greetings, Wonderful Washington Parents!

    I hope you all have had a restful and yet fulfilling summer break.  I have heard such amazing things about the parents here at Washington, and I can’t wait to meet you all.  

    I am thrilled to be your new Principal! My name is Beverly Gonzalez, and I have lived in the area for most of my life.  Three of my siblings graduated from Royal Oak High School, and my nephews attended Washington School.  I have had the privilege to serve as a Principal for five years in Baldwin Park, in the District Office as School-to-Career Coordinator in Azusa, and have had many opportunities to provide staff development. I have taught second-sixth grades for 16 years, and I was honored to be named California Teacher of the Year in 2011.

    My passion is is create and maintain a supportive learning environment where all students succeed, excel, and shine. There is nothing else I'd rather do than be an educator! I always appreciate the support and involvement of parents and the community, because I know that students succeed when we all work together as a team.

    I want to meet each and every one of you.  With that in mind, please plan on attending our Meet, Greet, and Grab a Treatgathering on Wednesday evening, August 23, at 5:30 in the cafeteria.  I’ll spend a few minutes with a presentation, but then I’d love to hear from you.  Plan on sharing positives about Washington Elementary: what you appreciate, what you want to see continue, and what you’d love to see added in the future.  This will be a time to highlight how Washington encourages student growth opportunities, promotes a safe learning environment, and celebrates movement forward, all which lead to high achievement and a love for learning.

    I couldn’t be more honored and pleased to be your Principal.  I am impressed that Washington has such a strong history of student achievement and involvement, and I am looking forward to helping our school move forward in today's changing world as we continue to give Washington’s students all of the tools necessary to be competent, capable, and confident citizens who are ready for any academic challenge.

    I hope to see you on Wednesday!


    Beverly Gonzalez




  • Charter Oak Online Enrollment allows you to quickly start the process of enrolling a brand new student from any internet device. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the school-site is electronically notified.



    This Enrollment process is NOT necessary for any student that was enrolled during the 16-17 school year and is moving up to the next grade level. Only NEW students wanting to enroll in Charter Oak Unified School District need to complete this process.



    Data Confirmation

    Every year Charter Oak USD requires all new and returning students to complete the Data Confirmation process. This is an opportunity for parents to edit/confirm emergency contacts, review school-site policies, and renew the yearly authorizations. This process must be completed for every student before classes/teachers will be officially assigned. 


    The 2017-2018 Data Confirmation window opens on July 24, 2017.


    data confirmation

     If you need assistance please join us during one of the following times:

    Open Labs:

    July 27th- COHS B7 4:00-6:00pm

    Aug. 3rd- ROMS 601 4:00-6:00pm

    Aug. 9th- Willow D-1 4:00-6:00pm

    Aug. 15th Badillo Lab 4:00-6:00pm