• District Office Staff: 

    Jonathan Raymond
    Director of Special Education

    Karol Holley
    Program Specialist
    (626) 626-966-8331 ext. 90570 

     Angela Martinez
    Special Education Records Technician
    (626) 626-966-8331 ext. 90554 

    Amalia Colón
    Office Assistant II
    (626) 626-966-8331 ext. 90555

  • School Psychologists: 

    Charter Oak High School
    Marta Albers

    Royal Oak Middle School 
    Christine Renouf

    Badillo Elementary & Charter Oak High School
    Greg Palatto

    Cedargrove Elementary & Charter Oak High School  
    Jessica Lobiana

    Cedargrove Elementary (Preschool) & Non-Public School 
    Olga Garcia

    Washington Elementary & Glen Oak Elementary
    Anna Genna

    Arrow High School & Willow Elementary
    Lori Hidalgo

  • Speech and Language Pathologists: 

    Charter Oak High School
    Paul Farris & Sandy Christiansen

    Royal Oak Middle School 
    Jenna Flores

    Badillo Elementary
    Michelle Flores

    Cedargrove Elementary 
    Deeanna Garland 

    Cedargrove Elementary (Preschool) 
    Lisa Berolzheimer

    Glen Oak Elementary
    Alexandra Scott

    Washington Elementary
    Laura Watkins

    Willow Elementary
    Camille Bullot

  • Related Service Providers: 

    Purvi Shah
    Occupational Therapist

    Emily Laguna
    Occupational Therapist

    Kelli Price
    Adapted Physical Education