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  • School Year Registration Forms
    Please be sure you are using the forms for the correct school year!
    There are five forms you need to register for our school year Extended Day Enrichment Program and they are all contained in the Registration Packet below.

    Please verify with your school site or our office that there is space for your child. If there is, please print out the Parent Contract (2 copies), the Emergency Form (2 copies), the Movie Release (1 copy), Photo/Video Release (1 copy) and the Notification of the Parent Handbook (1 copy) and have a check or money order (NO CASH) payable to COUSD for the registration fee. See the parent information section below for our fee schedule.
    You can turn it in with your registration fee at our office over the summer, Room A-1 on the Sunflower Campus (1505 S Sunflower, Glendora, CA). Once the school year starts, you can turn it in with your registration fee to the site supervisor for the EDEP program at your school or at our office.
  • Information for Parents
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