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Google Classroom & Aeries Integration

Aeries Syncronization

  • Data Imports: Classes and Rosters will automatically be imported from Aeries into Google Classroom.  
  • Import Frequency: Data imports are scheduled to take place every night. 
  • Grade Push: Yes, you can push Gradebook scores from Google Classroom into Aeries. Any scores that are edited or changed in Aeries will not be synced back into Google Classroom.
  • Grade Push Frequency: Immediate.

When can I start using the Aeries/Google integration?

  • Immediately! Aeries and Google will help you create a Google Classroom or link an existing class to Aeries Web.

What if I have existing students already in my Classroom?

  • Nothing. All students will remain in your class and will not lose any existing work. 
  • Any new students added to your class will be automatically imported into your Google classroom, no more getting the code out to students and having them join one by one.

Getting Started

How do I get started with the Aeries integration?

  1. Log into Aeries and click the "pencil" next a class under the "Class Summary" section.
  2. Create a Google Classroom or link an existing Google Classroom with Aeries Classes. Aeries will then create the classroom and "auto-enroll" students into the class based on Aeries data or it will link to your existing Google Classroom and link to the existing students and add any that are missing. 

Importing Assignements

1. Create assignments in Aeries Gradebook as normal.
2. Create assignments with the same name and amount of points in Google Classroom.
3. Grade assignments in Google Classroom and return to students. 
4. Log into Aeries Gradebook, Open the Assignment you want to import grades for and select Import from Google. 
5. Select the class in Google Classroom and match the assignment to the one you want to import from Google.
6. Click Confirm.