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    Hello Royal Oak ‘Runners,

    This school year will be a year that will stretch all of us as we strive toward growing student literacy, math/science/engineering understanding, socially and emotionally, artistic abilities, technology skills, creativity, and overall student citizenship. Our theme this year is Survivor - Outwork, Outplay, Outlast!

    As I think about the ways the winners have won on the television show Survivor, there appears to be Five Profound Themes that emerge and we can apply this year:

    • Be Mentally Strong - Know going into this adventure it is going to be hard and be the toughest thing you will ever do. Keep in mind the prize at the end.
    • Others First - Take time to learn about the lives of your fellow players.
    • Stay Humble and Learn - Practice making fire. Be the one to chop up the coconuts. Learn about the elements and how to survive.
    • Form Alliances with the Right People - Don’t make enemies. Remember that this is a game and do not take things personally.
    • Build Trust With Others - Talking can get you in trouble. Once you betray someone, it will be very hard to undo that.

     Keith Hawkins visited Royal Oak in January to kick off 2020 and he inspired all of us to make Every Day - Better Than Good!! I love this thought because it puts an active role in my day. Let’s make this school year Better Than Good as we support - Every Student, Every Day; Whatever It Takes!

    Go ‘Runners!

    Dr. Michael Williams


    Dr. Williams