OKVA Virtual Academy
  • What Makes Oak Knoll Virtual Academy Different?
    We are truly a unique learning environment that is different from any online or home school program out there,  Oak Knoll Virtual Academy is fully accredited by WASC and has full-time credentialed teachers at our brick and mortar school.  We are an actual school site, with a fully employed staff that reports to the site Monday through Friday.  Our team includes a principal, counselor, office support staff, school psychologist, and five full-time teachers to support students and families.  Students and families receive ongoing support because of our full-time staff.  You do not need to rely on an email relationship at odd hours of the day,  with part-time staff, who are not at a school facility.  At OKVA this is NOT the case!  Our students and families can walk in to meet with teachers, call, email, or text everyday of the school year.  This makes OKVA truly unique and special. 
    At OKVA we are all about people and forming close professional relationships with students and families.  We take the time to know every student and address their needs, which effectively allows us to personalize and individualize each student's learning path.  We believe that in order to do that, students and families need a fully-staffed school site to be available everyday for them.
    We are a strong school community.  Our beautiful Glendora, California school campus is equipped with an administrative office, K-8 classroom, HS classrooms, three computer labs available for student use, and a common classroom for parties, workshops, tutoring, and in-class lessons.  At OKVA, families can choose how much they want to interact within the school community.  School community interaction is encouraged, but not forced.  Again, every student is different and we respect and support that.  In addition, we host one awesome field trip a month during the school year!
    In addition we offer the following:
    • A-G approved courses
    • Gifted and Talented classes
    • Support Materials
    • World Languages and electives
    • AP and Honors Classes
    • Social Gathering
    • Park Days
    • Labs
    • Middle School Sports Opportunity
    • Elementary Choir
    • Sylvan Learning Workshops
    • Talent Show
    • Flexibility/Personalization
    • Freedom for students to adapt their own schedules
    Personalized Learning
    Our dedicated team of teachers, school counselor, and principal work with every student to personalize their learning plans.  Our staff is eager to develop a one-on-one relationship with students.  All students learn differently and this personalized approach allows teachers to provide varying support for students.
    The Learning Team
    Our staff believes that the best learning occurs when students are supported both academically and emotionally. OKVA full-time teachers work closely with students and families to achieve this level of support.  Teachers meet with students in person and via online classrooms, live lessons, phone conversations, and email.  The support from staff at OKVA is limitless and unmatched by  other home-based schools because we have a fully staffed physical site that is open M-F from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Connections Learning
    We utilize Connections Learning as our online curriculum for students.  Connexus is the tool that facilitates the learning process for teachers , students, and families.  Courses are web-based so learning can occur wherever there is an internet connection.  Our mastery-based curriculum is sequentially paced.