Welcome to Mrs. Ligon's Class

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    Welcome to a wonderful year of fun and learning in fourth grade!  I am excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Fourth grade is a transitional year for the students. It is the first year of "Upper Grade" and a year that students begin to prepare for the expectations that will follow after elementary school.  Students will find that they need to be more responsible, organized, accountable, and independent with their classwork, homework, and behavior.  I look forward to a year of growth and enjoyable activities.

Week At A Glance


    Week of November 13-17

    Language Arts: Students will read "Understanding Different Points of View"  The Essential Question is "What do learn when we look at the world through the eyes of others?"
    Spelling Words: no Spelling Words this week
    There will be a Spelling Test and Reading Test every Friday.
    Math:  Chapter 4 "divide by 1-Digit Numbers"  Students need to know their multiplication facts to be successful with this chapter.
    Students should continue working on memorizing the multiplication facts to 12.  This week students will take a timed test on X-mixed numbers.
    Social Studies: Chapter 4 "Mexican Rule in California"  Students will take a TEST on Chapter 4 Tuesday.  Students brought home a STUDY GUIDE Thursday.   
    Book Report:  Students Mystery Poster & Questionnaire are due this Thursday.  Book Report Presentations are Nov. 27-30
    Reading Summary:  Reading Summaries will be checked daily for nightly Reading homework credit.  Reading Summaries are due at the beginning of class every Monday.  Students are required to read 30 minutes each night Monday-Thursday and 30 minutes either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and fill in the Reading Summary paper.
    AR:  Every Monday students bring home their AR Goal record to be signed and returned.  Students should be earning a minimum of 2.3 points with 85% accuracy each week.  The second trimester goal is 55 points with 85% accuracy.  Students with modified points goal is 40 points with 85% accuracy and should be earning 2 points each week.  Please notice how many points your child has, their accuracy percentage, and how many points they should have to be sure they are meeting their goal. 
    Parent Test Letter: When a student does not pass a Chapter Test with a grade of at least 70% they receive a green "Parent Test Letter" stapled to their test for their parent to sign.  If your child gets a green "Parent Test Letter" please fill out the bottom portion and return it the next school day.
    Agenda: Please be sure to check your child's Agenda each day and sign it after you check their homework for completion.
    If your child receives a "Missing Homework" letter it needs to be returned the next day with both a parent and student signature.  Students highlight missing assignments in their Agenda.

    My email address is: lligon@cousd.net