Welcome To Second Grade with Mrs. Montes


    Message to Parents

    Thank you for your donations!  We had a great time on Halloween with the dry ice and mummy wrap!  We also got to have some delicious snacks.  The students voted for their favorite costumes.  Sarah and Cole won top honors!  Everyone looked great!  I was happy to see so many children participate.
    Today, Nov. 8, I sent out a letter about a Thanksgiving Feast.  We already have the paper goods taken care of and a parent has already volunteered to prepare us a turkey.  I can't wait!  Please fill out the form as soon as possible if you would like to contribute.  Our feast will be on Thursday, November 16.
    We have been recycling!  The money raised is for students to plan their own end-of-the-year party.  It also teaches them that by saving their money they can make big purchases.  So far they have raised $50.89.
    Tomorrow, Nov. 9, students will be receiving directions for a small home project due on November 16.  I'm sending it home early in case you would like to get started over the 3 day weekend.  Students will be making Pilgrim or Native American clothespin dolls.
    The Chapter 3 Math Tests were returned on Monday, Nov. 6.  Please make sure your child corrects the questions that were missed. 
    The 1st Trimester ends November 10, so I will begin to work on Report Cards.  All late work or corrected work needs to be turned in right away.
    On Monday, November 6, I sent out a sheet listing your child's AR points for the previous week.  Please read the note that was typed on the bottom.  Thank you!



  • bulletin board

    Some of the headphones your children brought to school are no longer working.  When possible, please send a new pair to school.  Also, sometimes it is easier for students to work on Google Drawings when they have a computer mouse.  You may consider sending your child with one to school.  


    Wish List  
    • small river rocks, about 6 inches long
    • garden soil
    • large potting containers
    • small plants (flowers, herbs, or vegetables)
    • rabbit food/treats
    • acrylic paint- bright colors   (We will use these to paint the rocks!)

    Thank you!!!


     Week of November 13, 2017
    Daily Homework - Due the next morning! 

    1/2  Sheet

    Students will receive a daily 1/2 sheet that will have a Language Arts activity on one side and Math on the other. This 1/2 sheet will be given out on a daily basis. It is due the following morning so that answers can be reviewed in class.

    Math Workbook Page

    Please keep an eye out for a math workbook page that will be sent home whenever we have completed a math lesson. These sheets need to be completed and returned the following day. On the days when I am introducing a chapter or completing a chapter, students will not receive a math sheet, otherwise they will come on a daily basis.

    Weekly Homework - Due on Friday!

    Reading Fluency & Comprehension: Detailed directions are attached. 
    Reading Log- Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a night.  Record the information on your log.  When you are finished with a book take an AR test at school.  An adult needs to sign the reading log.
    Students should also work on the following internet activities at home:
    I-Ready Math & Reading - We are aiming for a total of 45 minutes per week on each subjects.
    Google Classroom activities, code.org, Go Math! Think Central, Reading Express
    Spelling Words - Study these words for Friday's test!
    cheer   clear   deer   ears    fear   hear   here   near   steer   year
    High-Frequency Words
    always   any   blue   buy   city   draw   four   great   how   live
    Vocabulary Words 
    delicious   dropped   rubbed   tasty   whispered   begged   feast   spare