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    Welcome to Second Grade

    Hi A3 Families,


    This week is Red Ribbon Week!  The PTA was out working on Friday decorating the campus for us.  Each day of the week has a dress up theme and a raffle prize during lunch.  


    • Monday—“Pledge to be Red” Wear all red!
    • Tuesday-“To the Dark Side, Drugs Lead You” Star Wars dress or just wear white.
    • Wednesday—“Don’t Let Drugs Ruin Your Game” Team clothes
    • Thursday—“A Minion Reasons to Be Drug Free” Minion dress, Yellow, or Blue Overalls
    • Friday—“Be All You Can Be” Army or Camouflage dress or Green.

    Students who dress with the theme can get a small treat from the recess staff each day.  


    The book fair will be open before and after school this week.  It is a great place to instill the reading bug in your child.  If you choose to send money for your child to shop with, please tell them that it is for them alone.  They should not be sharing money with friends (even though it seems like a nice thing to do).  I will be having this same conversation with them in class.  


    Cedargrove’s Annual Character Parade will be next Tuesday—the 31st.  Please be sure that your child follows the school guidelines for costumes.  They take into consideration our youngest Cedargrove Chargers and are meant to keep the event fun…not scary.  


    Don’t forget to return the fluency reading passage each Friday and have your child prepared for their spelling test.


    I resent the Seesaw sign up last night.  I had previously sent home a printed paper one.  Please sign up and give your child positive feed back on their work.  We are working on giving each other feedback like this in class.  All posts must be approved by me before showing.

    T—Tell what you like about it…use the word “because.”

    A—Ask them a question to clarify something.

    G—Give a specific compliment or a suggestion. 




    • Garden gloves
    • Headphones...please
    • Water for PE (Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Friday)
    • PTA membership ($8)
    • Boxtops
      . Family Beach                                                                  GCE 1 GCE2


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