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    Welcome to Second Grade

    Hello A3 Families,   

    Here we go with our first real week of second grade.  We will begin to ease our way into homework this week.  Monday through Thursday your child will bring home a half sheet of paper.  This half sheet is due the following day...completed.  One side of the paper is math and the other is language arts.  This should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Students are also expected to read every night.  Students will also receive a reading log for the week and this is due on Friday.  Next week, I will be adding in a fluency read (1 minute each night), spelling, and some online work.  

    We are doing our diagnostic testing this week to start the year.  It is really important for your child to have a pair of headphones to wear for this.  Thank you to those of you who have already sent some in.  Unfortunately, most headphones available are not indestructible...don’t be surprised if they need another pair later in the year. 

    Please mark your calendars for September 7th.  This is Meet the Teacher Night.  It is your chance to come in and see what we have planned for your child’s second grade year.   I am pretty sure there will be a PTA meeting first and then you have the chance to visit two classrooms for teacher presentations. Send in your PTA membership dues now so you will be able to vote at the meeting.  The dues and your membership do so much to help our school and nothing is required from you beyond the $8.  

    Thank you to the many of you who have signed up for ClassDojo already.  This is a great communication tool for us and you can see how your child is doing with behavior at school at a glance.  I try to respond to your messages within 24 hours, but I usually read them right away.  Feel free to message me on ClassDojo whenever you need to.

    Finally, please talk with your child about where to wait for you after school.  It can get quite hectic with all 700 students roaming around after school.  


    Dates to remember…

    September 7--Meet the Teacher Night


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