• Welcome to Mrs. Cannings' First Grade Class  Room A-3

  • Welcome to Room A-3
     My name is Mrs. Cannings' and I am very excited about this school year. Room A-3 will be learning so many new things and I can't wait to see my first graders reading and writing. First grade is an educational year where students start to learn how to be independent learners and workers. I look forward to a fun-filled year full of memorable activities and lots of educational growth.                             
  • Wish List

    1. wipes
    2. white ditto paper 
    3. prizes for my prize boxes
    4. glue sticks                                                                                 
    5. markers
    6. tissue boxes 
    7. gallon freezer baggies  
    8. sandwich baggies 
  • Homework

    Language arts homework folders will go home every Friday and will be due the following Friday. The homework will be in a small packet and will correlate with the spelling list for the week. Your child will need to also read 15 to 20 minutes every school night and when they are finished reading make sure you sign their reading log in the appropriate box. Have your child keep their folder for language arts in a safe and protected spot during the week.
    Math homework will be daily, based on when we finish the math lessons in class. Some lessons may take more than one day to complete. I will also send home the math lesson with the homework so that you can see what we covered in class. Please have your child return math homework the next day and have them put the math folder with the math homework into the basket outside my sliding door. 
    Homework should be independent. When your child has completed the homework, please check to see if they have done it correctly. If you find mistakes in their homework, please have them make corrections.  
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