• Thursday May 24: 8th Grade Disneyland Trip

    • Busses depart at 8:30 m. and return at approximately 8:15 p.m.
    • Students must be dressed in accordance with the ROMS Dress Code or they will not be allowed to board the  
    • Ineligible students and students who are not attending the Disneyland Trip will attend their regular schedules.

    Student Expectations

    • Wear Royal Oak dress code-appropriate clothes or you will not be allowed to board the bus.
    • Do not be late for school. If you are late, you may not be allowed to go.
    • Your homeroom teacher will give you a 3x5 index card with your name pre-printed on a label. This is your ticket to board the bus.   
    • Buses will depart ROMS at 8:30 a.m. You will be lining up by a bus (your choice) after the announcement during HR.  Have your 3x5 card ready to give the chaperone as you enter the bus.
    • Hats may be worn but they must be appropriate (no gang, drug/alcohol, weapon, etc. depictions).
    • Dress with layers. It may cool off later in the day towards evening. 
    • There will be a Royal Oak teacher or chaperone available for assistance at the Disneyland Refreshment Corner at all times.
    • Students must stay within the Disneyland Park at all times. No student is allowed to visit Downtown Disney or California Adventure Park during this field trip. No exceptions!
    • If you have an annual pass, make sure you bring it with you and have a safe place to store it.
    • Avoid taking too much money. Carry only enough money for food, drinks and mementoes
    • Be mindful of your behavior. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.   
    • No later than 6:30 pm, make your way towards the trams, board the tram to the bus parking lot and find your bus. Don’t be late! It is not respectful for the rest of the students to have to wait for you.
    • You must return on the same bus, with the same chaperone. Again, the 3x5 cards will be used to identify who should be on the bus. DO NOT CHANGE BUSES.
    • If you get into any major trouble, or are late to the buses, you may be subject to consequences ranging from school detentions/suspensions to loss of promotion ceremony and/or activities.
    • You may NOT stay at Disneyland with family members or friends who meet you at Disneyland. All students who go to Disneyland on the buses must return on the same buses to Royal Oak.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Ineligible students are expected to attend school, not Disneyland, on May 24. Ineligible students who are seen at Disneyland during school hours by Royal Oak staff risk a truancy citation.

    Please review these expectations with your parents/guardians.  Have a fun day at Disneyland!


    Wednesday May 30: Promotion Day

    Minimum Day 12:05 pm Dismissal

    No Early Checkouts!! 

     *Students must attend the entire minimum day (or be cleared by admin) to attend the Promotion activities*


    8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

    COHS Stadium at 5:00 p.m.     

    All 7th and 8th grade teachers and 8th grade students must arrive at Charter Oak High School at 4:15 and meet in designated area


    8th Grade Homeroom teachers will be calling out the names of the students in their homeroom as the students promote on-stage. 

    7th Grade teachers will be assigned supervision areas at COHS during promotion and will be seated with the promoting class during the ceremony.


    Promotion Dress Tips (Review these with students):

    • Students should be dressed nicely and presentable. 
    • No need for a tuxedo.  A nice shirt and slacks are fine.  Tie is great.  Suit is great but not required.  Avoid jeans and t-shirts.
    • No excessive cleavage or extremely short dresses/skirts.
    • Students should dress keeping in mind that they will be walking up and down a steps/stage and it does get windy in the evening.
    • Strapless dresses are discouraged and must be worn with a cover up. 
    • Halters are OK as long as there is no excessive exposure.
    • Shoes should be comfortable and must allow student to walk across artificial turf and up and down the stage.
    • Avoid extremely high or spiky heels due to turf and stage issues.
    • Ceremony begins at 5:00 p.m


    Lei Form

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