• California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

    The Charter Oak Unified School District has elected to become subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures.

    Informal Bidding

    Public projects of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) or less may be performed by the employees of a public agency by force account, by negotiated contract, or by purchase order. (b) Public projects of one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars ($175,000 If all bids received are in excess of one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars), (c) the governing body of the public agency may, by adoption of a resolution by a four-fifths vote, award the contract, at one hundred eighty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ($187,500) or less, to the lowest responsible bidder, if it determines the cost estimate of the public agency was reasonable.


    The Charter Oak Unified School District is inviting all licensed public works contractors to submit information for inclusion on the District’s list of qualified bidders for this calendar year by filling out the application below.

    • NOTE: SB854 became effective July 1, 2014, and requires contractors to register with the Department of Industrial Relations prior to bidding on public works projects. This registration with Carlsbad Unified School District does not fulfill that requirement.

    Download Application Here