Hendricks' HYPE of the Week - ROMS Celebrated Pink in a Special Way

On October 4, 2018, Royal Oak ASB had the opportunity to welcome back one of our wonderful counselors Ms. Kaplowitz from her medical leave for breast cancer. In light of supporting our beloved counselor and Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, it seemed only fitting that Royal Oak Middle School do our best to give her the most supportive welcome back that we possibly could. With help from our amazing librarian Ms. Espi Leal, we were able to sell pink necklaces with Breast Cancer Awareness  ribbons created by our 3D printers in our Royal Oak library stringed onto them. By October 4th, we had sold out of our necklaces and everyone couldn’t wait to do their best to make her feel loved. Royal Oak ASB set a schoolwide spirit day to come dressed in pink attire on October 4th, and challenged all students to come the most “decked out” in pink that they were able. To encourage students to participate in “Wear Pink Day”, we had homeroom teachers choose their most “pinky” student and send them up to the office to find our most involved participant. From light-up shoes to pink wigs and hair, we saw some very pink students on October 4th, and we sincerely hope that it helped to make Ms. Kaplowitz’s experience on her first day back much more enjoyable. Thank you to all who helped and participated in welcoming back Ms. Kaplowitz and for supporting Royal Oak in recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.