PERB Settlement Agreement

In March of 2019, the Charter Oak Education Association filed an unfair practice charge against Charter Oak Unified School District alleging that the District had retaliated against Chapter President, Pam Heins, when it placed her on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The District denies these allegations and maintains that it complied with its protocols and the law at all times. Similarly, the Association and Ms. Heins deny the allegations and maintain that she engaged in no wrongdoing at any time. The parties met and discussed the matter and reached an amicable resolution. To that end, the Association and District reaffirm their joint commitment to a positive and open labor-management relationship and the mandates of the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA) (Cal. Gov't. Code section 3540 et. seq), which, among other things, protects employees' rights to engage in protected union activity. The District values its employees. The District and the Association recognize the important role our labor-management relationship plays in ensuring our workplace is a positive, professional and supportive place of employment.