Posted by Camille Strycula on 5/3/2018

We have a new college acceptance record. Big shout out and congratulations to KAYDEN CORNELIUS who has been accepted into TWELVE universities. UC Riverside, UC Irvine, San Diego State, Cal State Chico, Cal State Monterey Bay, Sonoma State, and Cal Poly Pomona would all like Kayden to be a part of this fall’s freshmen class.  There are a multitude of private colleges interested in Kayden as well. California Lutheran University, the University of La Verne, the University of Redlands, Chapman University, and Whittier College have all offered fall admission. Chapman is offering Kayden the opportunity to add a Leadership Studies minor to her program of study. This is something that students typically cannot do until they have completed at least one semester at Chapman AND are recommended by a faculty or staff member. The college is also offering a Dean’s scholarship of $16,000 per year. Wow, good for you Kayden! Not to be outdone, Whittier College is offering the John Greenleaf Scholarship of $30,000 per year—that is $120,000 for Kayden’s undergraduate degree. In addition, Redlands is tempting Kayden with an Achievement Award of $28,000 per year which totals $112,000 over four years.  Similarly, the University of La Verne is awarding the President’s Scholarship of $22,000 per year for a total of $88,000. Lastly, California Lutheran is giving Kayden the Provost Scholarship with an annual amount of 24,000—your turn to do the math. Chargers our proud of you Kayden!