Posted by Camille Strycula on 5/3/2018

Amazing Agnes is up next on our list. AGNES TRAN has been accepted into six prestigious universities. Way over on the east coast, Swarthmore College and Brown University have offered Agnes admission. Swarthmore has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the nation (that means it is hard to get in!). Brown also boasts a low acceptance rate with over 95% of its students coming from the top 10% of high school seniors.  In addition, Swarthmore is offering a scholarship award of over $55,000 per year and Brown has a tempting offer of $26,000 per year. Wow—you have made us proud Agnes! The state of California would also like Agnes to become part of one of its prestigious colleges—UCLA (has the largest applicant pool in the nation), UC San Diego (the second most popular school in the country), UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley have all offered admission. Lastly, two other well-respected universities have wait-listed Agnes: Cornell University or Columbia University could also be in this outstanding charger’s future. Congrats Agnes!! You have some great choices.