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    20240 E Cienega Ave,
    Covina, CA 
    Tel: (626) 966-8331
    Fax: (626) 967-9580 
    District Superintendent
    Jeffrey D. Jordan, Ed.D.

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    April 18, 2022

    Dear Charter Oak Unified Families,

    This past month, our students and staff have achieved amazing goals, received exciting awards, and continue to excel. I cannot express enough gratitude to our students, parents, faculty, and staff for your partnership and patience this school year as we've navigated diligently to deliver quality, engaging, hands-on learning experiences for all students. I hope you enjoy this month's edition of this newsletter highlighting the exciting achievements of our Charter Oak Schools and look forward to another successful month ahead. 


    Jeffrey D. Jordan, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Charter Oak Unified School District

News & Announcements


  • Pre-Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year will open on February 14th!

    Charter Oak Online Enrollment allows you to quickly start the process of enrolling a brand new student from any internet device. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the school-site is electronically notified that you have completed the online enrollment process and they will be ready to take your required documents when you stop by their office.

    Click Here: District and Elementary Boundaries by Street Address


    This Enrollment process is NOT necessary for any student that was enrolled in a Charter Oak USD school during the 21-22 school year and is moving up to the next grade level. Only NEW students starting Kinder/TK or coming from another district need to complete this process.


    If you need assistance with online enrollment please contact your school site or

    make an appointment with the Student Services Office.

    20350 E Cienega Ave, Covina

    Transfer Questions? 626-966-8331 ext. 90556



Data Confirmation

  • Every year Charter Oak USD requires all new and returning students to complete the Data Confirmation process. This is an opportunity for parents to edit/confirm emergency contacts, review school-site policies, and renew the yearly authorizations. This process must be completed for every student before classes/teachers will be officially assigned. 


    21-22 Data Confirmation will open on July 19, 2021.


    Data Confirmation can be completed on a smartphone, computer, chromebook, or tablet.

    If you do not have a device to complete the process, you can make an appointment by calling Student Services at 626-966-8331 ext. 90556 

     data confirmation


    Link to Tutorial Video


District of Choice

  • District of Choice Applications will be available October 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021, for the 2022-2023 school year.

    If you live outside of the COUSD boundaries but wish to attend school here, there are a few options:

    • Interdistrict Transfer (IDT)
    • Allen Bill
    • District of Choice (DOC). Applications are only available from October 1 - December 31 for the 2022-2023 school year.
    • We are unable to accept any DOC applications from Azusa, Rowland, or Pomona USD.

    Click here for the 2022-2023 District of Choice Application

    Please contact Donna Maeda-Reyes, Student Services Technician, at the COUSD Student Services Department at (626) 966-8331 x90556 or email at or for more information.

    District of Choice Q & A:

    When can I apply for the District of Choice (DOC) program for the 2022-2023 school year? Applications will be accepted beginning October 1.

    What’s the deadline to submit a DOC application for the 2022-2023 school year? The deadline is December 31. We are unable to accept late applications.

    How do I apply? Please go to any COUSD school site or district office and pick up an application between October 1 and December 31. Once completed, please submit your application on or before December 31 to the Student Services Department located at 20350 E. Cienega Ave. Covina, CA 90724, anytime Monday through Friday, between 7:30 AM and 4 PM, or email the form to

    Who may apply? Any student who does NOT reside in Azusa, Pomona, or Rowland Unified School Districts. We are unable to accept students from those districts, due to reaching the cap on the number of students we may accept from them under the regulations of the DOC program. However, students from those districts may still utilize the regular interdistrict transfer (IDT) process, whereby you obtain a release from your district of residence.

    What grade levels are you accepting for the 2022-2023 school year? All grade levels

    What about my ‘home’ district (district of residence)? Students accepted through DOC do not need to be released from their district of residence.

    Do I need to re-apply for DOC every year? No, you do not need to re-apply if your student is currently enrolled under DOC, and has maintained continuous attendance under DOC since being enrolled in a COUSD school.

    I have a student attending a COUSD school under DOC. Now I’d like his/her sibling to start attending under DOC, too. Do I have to apply for the sibling, or will the sibling automatically be admitted under DOC? You must apply for each sibling to attend under DOC. Siblings are not automatically admitted under DOC.

    I live in a district from which COUSD is no longer able to accept DOC applications. My older child is currently enrolled under DOC; will that child be able to continue under DOC? I’d also like his/her younger sibling to attend COUSD. Is there any way I can get my younger child in under DOC? Your older child who is currently attending will be allowed to continue under DOC as long as he/she maintains continuous attendance in a COUSD school. The younger sibling will be ineligible to apply for DOC. You will need to utilize the regular interdistrict transfer process for your younger child, whereby you get released from your home district.

    I would really like my current DOC student to go to a particular/different school next year. How do I make that happen? Parents should fill out and submit an intra-district request form at the school site where they want their child to attend next year. The receiving school site will evaluate whether or not there is space available for intra-district applicants and will notify you if they are able to accommodate your request for the upcoming school year. COUSD is not obligated to place a student in a particular school or program. All requests are based on space availability at a particular site.

    My child used to attend COUSD under DOC, but we left to attend school in another district. Now we’d like to come back to COUSD. Is my child still eligible to attend under DOC? No, not without re-applying for DOC. Once you dis-enrolled from the district, you lost your DOC eligibility. If you want to return to COUSD, you must re-apply, and you must make sure we are accepting applications from your district of residence, and for your child’s grade.