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The District accepts Developer Fee payments by appointment only at this time. Please email Valerie Romero at [email protected] if you have any questions or to make an appointment. Thank you.

Mission Statement

The Business Services Division of Charter Oak Unified School District is committed to being service oriented, with a "can-do attitude". The Division will be well respected for its work and services provided to students, employees, parents, and the community and will be known regionally for its commitment to placing students first. It will be a highly efficient operation with team cohesiveness, serving the needs of the District. 

The Division, working cooperatively, will provide excellent business and administrative services to staff and students. Services will be offered in a timely, consultative manner designed to assist in solving problems and to meet new and ever changing challenges in the following areas:
  • fiscal services to ensure district financial stability;
  • employee payroll services which ensure timely and accurate paychecks;
  • maintenance of clean and functioning buildings and equipment;
  • maintenance of clean, attractive and neat grounds and exterior areas;
  • providing delicious, appetizing and nutritious meals for students and staff;
  • centralized, expeditious purchasing of materials, equipment and services;
  • construction and reconstruction of facilities to meet current and future needs;
  • imaginative reprographic and publishing services for a variety of materials;
  • risk management functions for a safer and more secure work environment
  • for employees and students.

These services will be provided by individuals with positive and service
oriented attitudes who are resourceful in determining solutions and the best
in their respective fields.

The Division is committed to using a collaborative approach and promoting participation of every employee in the division which will result in the delivery of efficient services, a high level of productivity, and effective decisions. In order to serve the varied needs of staff and students, division employees will attend staff development training, school and district meetings to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully meet the needs. Frequent interactions with staff will provide the opportunity for shared decision making, to communicate parameters or constraints as well as work cooperatively to overcome surmountable barriers. Acquisition of the best tools, technology and equipment combined with adequately staffed departments and a service orientation attitude from division employees will ensure that District staff and students believe they are our highest priority.

Staff Directory

Karyl Brandford
Chief Business Officer
Extension: 90526
[email protected]
Carmen Wiley
Administrative Assistant
Extension: 90525
[email protected] 
Sofia Corona
Senior Buyer
Extension: 90528
[email protected] 
Gabriela Santander
Extension: 90528

Amy Gierloff
Employee Benefits and
Risk Management

Extension: 90524
[email protected]