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Extended Day Enrichment Programs

Welcome to the Child Development and Extended Day Enrichment Program!

The Charter Oak Unified School District offers an inclusion half day for preschoolers, a full/part time childcare program for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as before and after school care for school age children of the community, registered students, faculty, and staff.

These programs enhance the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children through age appropriate education and enrichment programs.

Your child may choose to participate in these programs for additional fees. Please visit each program webpage for more information. If you have any questions, please contact or come visit our Child Development Office.

Enrichment & Child Development Programs

Child Development Office
1505 S Sunflower Ave, Room A-1
Glendora, CA 91740
Vivian Lam
Coordinator, Child Development 
and Enrichment Programs
(626) 914-3961, Ext. 60221
[email protected]
Margie Dowens
Department Office Manager
(626) 914-3961, Ext. 60208
[email protected]
Office Assistant II

Before & After Extended Day Enrichment Programs

Badillo, Room P6
Site Supervisor: Karen Murphy
Room P6: (626) 966-1753, Ext 10206
1771 E Old Badillo St, Covina
School Office: (626) 966-1753
Cedargrove, Room M1, M4 & P3
Site Supervisor: Mallory Bridges
Room M1: (626) 966-8675, Ext. 20206
1209 E Glendora Ave, Covina
School Office: (626) 966-8675
Glen Oak, Room P5 & P6
Site Supervisor: Karen Murphy
Room P5: (626) 331-5341, Ext. 40206
1000 N Sunflower Ave, Covina
School Office: (626) 331-5341
Royal Oak Teen Scene, P12
Teen Scene: (626) 967-6354, Ext. 50205
303 S Glendora Ave, Covina
School Office: (626) 967-6354
Washington, Room M2 & M1
Site Supervisor: Kim Ryan
Room M2: (626) 914-2704, Ext. 80206
325 W Gladstone St, Glendora
School Office: (626) 914-2704
Willow, Room D2
Site Supervisor: Kim Ryan
Room E1: (626) 914-5839, Ext. 70206
1427 S Willow Ave, Glendora
School Office: (626) 914-5839

Charter Oak Children's Center

Vivian Lam 
(626) 914-3961, Ext. 60221
1505 S Sunflower Ave, Glendora